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 on October 21st

at 7:00 PM EDT





Giveaway ITEM

iPhone 12 series bundle [one screen protector + one camera protector]


How to enter

You can join our giveaway promotion with Twitter


To enter the Twitter giveaway:

1. Follow @whitestonedome on Twitter.
2. RT (ReTweet) and Like our Tweet
3. Reply with #DOMEGIVEAWAY and show us how much you love our products

When are you selecting the winners?

Winners will be selected on October 27th, at 7:00 PM EDT.

How will the winners be selected?

Choose a winner at random from RT which is UNIQUE

How will you announce winners?

Once we've established contact via DM with the winners and confirmed their shipping details, we'll post their Twitter handles on this page.

If you win, you will not pay anything to receive the prize (shipping costs, duties, taxes, etc.)
Everything is paid for by Whitestone.

If you win, please Tweet out a photo tagging @whitestonedome to verify that you've received your prize.

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