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Frequently asked questions

1What is your warranty policy?

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY – Whitestone provides Limited Lifetime Warranty means that if your Dome Glass is damaged or worn, you could request replacement through our website. We are currently covering for US and EUROPE area , we will improve our warranty system for cover more countries for our customer. Click here to register your product.

2How to register for warranty service?

You can register our warranty service through our website. Please click on Register a Product tab on My Account button. Follow the steps and we can find RMA number and address where you send the glass to us. We will send out a replacement kit as soon as we received your defective glass. Click here to register your product.

2Where to ship the defective glass? U.S or EU address?

If you are finished with registering for our warranty service, please send the glass to the following address. (Either US or EU)

Kreassive LLC
22808 Lockness Ave
Torrance, CA 90501

Unit 109 Lombard Business Park
8 Lombard Road, London
SW19 3TZ

2What does Replacement kit contains?

The replacement package contains the same componant as the full package except UV machine. This warranty is for customers who have made at least one purchase, and they will already have a UV machine in their last purchase.

1What is Dome Glass?

Whitestone Dome Glass is patented tempered glass that provides full touch and edge to edge coverage. Unlike other tempered glass with adhesive only on the edge of the screen, Dome Glass uses liquid adhesive to fully cover the screen including the edges. Learn more about the Dome Glass.

2Why do I need to use Dome Glass? And what advantages does the Dome Glass have over other glass screen protectors?

We call this the “4 Full” (full touch, full cover, full clear, full fix). The Dome Glass guarantees the best touch sensitivity thanks to Dome Liquid Adhesive Technology (DLAT), fully covering edges without adding any dot or color on the surface of the screen. It can even fix existing scratches and minor cracks on a screen. Dome Glass is the only choice you can make If you enjoy the original design of the device while protecting it.

3Why is Dome Glass so expensive?

Beyond its unique values and qualities, highly sophisticated technologies and materials are involved in the product such as the glass and its uniformity and lamination, installation Jig, UV machine and more. You can experience the difference once you use it.

4Where can I buy Dome Glass?

Dome Glass is available through major online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Mobilefun, Lazada, Qoo10, and Gmarket. Please follow the link to see the all the available retailers.

5Is there a replacement version? If so, where can I find a replacement kit?

Yes, there is a replacement kit available. At this time, it is only available on Amazon. We plan to offer it on other platforms in the near future. You can also contact our customer service for more information.

6What kind of cases are compatible with the dome glass?

There is a compatible case guideline and information on our website. Be careful when putting on and taking off the case, even if you are using a compatible one, because it may cause lifting.

7Is the Dome Glass protector easy to install at home?

Anyone can easily install the dome glass protector by following the guidelines and instructions in manual included with the packaging. On our web site, you can also read our blog article or watch video about installation. Just in case, we also provide one extra liquid adhesive as well.

8What if I spill the liquid or it leaks out from underneath the glass?

It can happen, but you don’t need to worry about it. It doesn’t do any harm to devices. Just wipe it away as instructed. The glass of the device and screen protector has some variance so we include 5% more adhesive than normally needed to make sure it fills out every corner.

9Can I remove the glass easily?

Don’t worry. Yes, it is just as easy as peeling off a sticker using your fingernail. All the adhesive will cling to the glass. Nothing is left on the screen.

10Will the glass ever peel off by itself?

Unless external force is applied such as using an incompatible case or lifting it with nail, the glass will stay put.

11Can I put the glass back on the device once it lifts off the screen?

Unfortunately, the glass is not reusable once it is peeled off.

12What are some precautions to be aware of before attaching the glass?

Please see the detailed precautions about the installation environment and process in the manual and on our web site.

13What should I do when the liquid substance does not spread like it's supposed to?

This is highly likely when the adhesive has already been hardened. The liquid substance used for the Dome Glass protector is hardened by UV rays present in sunlight and fluorescent light. Please check that the surrounding environment meets the conditions prescribed in the manual before proceeding with the installation process.

14What should I do when there are air bubbles?

Don’t cure it (don’t apply the UV light). Just take it off and retry it according to our rework instructions. If you already cured it, there’s no way to get rid of it. We recommend that you carefully check to make sure there are no bubbles before the curing step.

15What should I do when there is adhesive that cannot be removed after the installation?

There may be adhesive left on the edges if you don’t clear it out properly after the 1st curing. After the 1st curing process, wipe in a single direction using an adhesive cleaner. Do not use force or sharp objects, including finger nails, as it may cause the glass to detach.

16Does the liquid substance cause any harm to the body?

The liquid substance is harmless but it is dangerous if consumed. Please keep it out of reach of children.

17Does the UV light have any damaging impact on the phone?

The UV light included in the product package does not cause any harmful effects on phones.

18Won't the liquid cause damage to the phone when it overflows?

It’s like water. Phones are generally waterproof so liquids won’t normally go into a phone. Just wipe it off before curing it.

19I dropped my phone and the glass protector broke. Is it okay to continue using it?

No. you should take it off. It’s designed to go into pieces when it breaks to protect the original screen. If not, the entire force of the impact goes to the phone and damages the phone itself. Even though the Dome Glass has a layer of film that stops the glass from shattering into pieces, do not continue using it because it may still cause injuries or damage the device.

20Does the liquid adhesive fill in scratches?

Yes, Dome glass will cover up any existing minor cracks and scratches on your device on top of providing safety for the screen. It’s much less expensive than refurbishing the device.


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