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Recently, there has been an increasing popularity of edge phones and bezel-less smartphones.

Smartphones that people carry around everyday have to be thinner and lighter for their convenience. However, smartphone users want to watch videos and play games on bigger screens. This is why edge phones and bezel-less phones are popular, They make use of convenient yet limited screen size to its full extent.

Following the release of the Galaxy edge series by Samsung Electronics, various other edge phones including Xiaomi Mi Mix&Mi Note, VIVO Xplay series, Huawei P9 and Honor Magic have launched their own edge phones. Gionee and Apple will be joining these smartphone manufacturers and releasing their own edge phones this year.

However, screen protectors that can properly protect the edges of edged phones are not currently available in the market.

Plastic or urethane protectors have no protection, are vulnerable to scratches, and reduce transparency. Most tempered glass protectors only cover the flat side and falsely advertises itself as a full-cover tempered glass. Many use adhesive on the side or covers the areas between glass and screen with dots which makes the device prone to touch screen errors.
screen protector touch sensitivity

Full Touch

edge to edge screen protector

Full Cover

crystal clear screen protector

Full Clear

self-healing screen protector

Full Fix


This is why we developed the first “4 Full” screen protector made of tempered glass for edged phones. What we call “4 Full” is Full Cover, Full Touch, Full Clear, and Full Fix. Our tempered dome glass optimized for edged phones was first developed in 2016 and holds applications for international patent in the US, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and the EU. In addition, we have shown it at IFA (in September of 2016 Berlin, Germany) and at CES (in January of 2017 Las Vegas, US) and have developed the dome glass for new edged phones along with major smartphone manufacturers, smartphone accessory companies and smartphone distributors.

By 2017, we finished developing the DIY (do it yourself) type dome glass and have entered the global Market in first half of 2017.