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All about Dome Silk (UTG) Screen Protector _ FAQ

What is UTG?                                                  

▶ UTG is Ultra Thin Glass which have only 0.1mm thickness, roughly same as a human

hair(0.12mm) and it is the same glass material as a Foldable device's screen. Dome Silk (UTG) is the one and only glass screen protector for flexible devices and ensures the strong protection(9H hardness & shatter-resistance), high touch sensitivity and full HD clarity.

Is the glass safe?

▶ Yes, Dome Silk is using the same anti-shatter coating as the common tempered glass type. 

What is difference between normal Film screen protector and UTG (Dome Silk)?                                             

▶ By using ultra-thin glass on the outer layer, Whitestone is able to offer serious protection that exceeds what you’d get from a flexible polyurethane-style cover for your display.  It is the only choice you can make if you enjoy the original design of the device while protecting your device. We, as a Glass specialized manufacturer, have provide the only and first solution for curved screen device with Dome Glass. Dome Silk (Glass Screen Protector) will be the one and only, the unique solution for the foldable screen device with flexible feature.

Why is Dome Silk so expensive?                     

▶ Beyond its unique value and quality, highly sophisticated technologies and materials are involved in the product such as the ultra thin proceed glass and its uniformity, Smart easy installation tray and kit. You can experience the difference once you use it.

Is there a replacement version package? (Warranty or Refund process)                                                  

▶ We are guarantee a free refund/replace for any issue that are the direct result of an error or quality relating issue. (Damaged or wormed glass and installation jig) Please make sure to return the product as it is and we will replace your order.

* Please note that unauthorized reselling of any and all Whitestone brand products is prohibited.                               

How can I remove bubbles or dust during installation ?                                         

▶ Please refer to Step 7-1 on the manual to remove any bubbles during installation, especially careful on the folding area of the device. Lastly we recommend to install in dust-free area as possible.                                                   

How can I remove UTG (Dome Silk)?                                                  

▶ Must keep the Removal Pack in order to use it when removing the glass. (Refer to Removal Manual)                              

Does natural lifting occur after the glass is attached?                                                   

▶ We conducted the folding reliability test for more than 50K times with Dome Silk attached to the inner display. There will be no lifting unless the user uses an incompatible case or deliberately lifts using external force.                                                   

What glass is being used?  Soda-lime?  Aluminosilicate?                                                     

▶  Aluminosilicate is used for the Dome Silk.

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