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About Us

Quality Reflected Through Commitment

Our mission at Whitestone was to provide the first true "Full-screen adhesive" tempered glass screen protector for curved bezel-less phones. For a long time, plastic or urethane protectors were the main option as screen protectors, but the truth is they don’t really give your phone true protection. They are vulnerable to scratches and even can reduce transparency, not to mention the greasy smudges or air bubbles that can happen when just putting them on. Then tempered glass protectors came about and allowed your screen to stay crystal clear. But most other well-known brands try to be sneaky by falsely advertising themselves as full-cover tempered glass screen protector. Most only cover the flat side of your device and use a black cover adhesive along the side to hide lifts, or they have a poorly implemented visible Dot-Matrix which makes the device prone to touchscreen errors and can give off a rainbow/blurry effect. We have striven to be the premier specialized brand for the high-end market of cellular devices.


To make this possible, we have created products that we call 4 Full

Fully Responsive

Full Coverage

Full Clarity

Full Fix

What we call “4 Full” is Fully Responsive Touch, Full Coverage, Full Clarity, and Full Fix.

Our tempered dome glass which has been optimized for edged phones was first developed in 2016 and holds applications for international patent in the US, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and the EU. In addition, we have shown it at IFA (in September of 2016 Berlin, Germany) and at CES (in January of 2017 Las Vegas, US) and have developed the dome glass for new edged phones along with major smartphone manufacturers, smartphone accessory companies and smartphone distributors.

By 2017, we finished developing the DIY (do it yourself) type dome glass and have entered the global Market in first half of 2017.

Thanks to our patented LOCA technology which stands for ‘Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive’. LOCA is a revolutionary liquid glass adhesive that evenly disperses over the entire curved screen, forming a single, solid layer of anti-shatter glass. Paired with our unique curing process that harnesses the power of UV light to securely attach the glass to your phone giving you flawless protection.