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Armor your Samsung S23 with screen protectors and cases from Whitestone Dome Glass

Armor your Samsung S23 with screen protectors and cases from Whitestone Dome Glass

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S23, you’ll also need some new protective gear to keep your new device looking flawless. With an entire line of products certified by Samsung, Whitestone Dome Glass has exactly what you need to keep every facet of your phone in pristine condition.

Dome Glass

Dome Glass is your phone’s best friend, offering full 3D coverage for the sleek, rounded screens of the Samsung S23 models. The Dome Glass offers Whitestone’s 4Full solution: full coverage, full touch, full clear, and full filling, through five layers of protection. One of which is an AF-coating , offering water and oil repellency for a smudge-free screen, is easy to clean, and is compatible with a fingerprint sensor. This tempered glass screen protector uses patented liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) technology to ensure your phone looks good and stays strong. The liquid dispersion technology covers every millimeter of your screen for bezel-less and curved displays. Couple the 9H hardness of the Dome Glass protector with one of Whitestone Dome cases and you’ll have optimal protection. 

The kit comes with two protectors, a UV curing lamp, and an application frame. 

EZ Glass

If you want a simple installation, the EZ Glass is designed for you. This premium glass screen protector is a no-fuss option that uses 2.5D tempered glass for your flat-screen S23 and S23 Plus model. Multiple layers are packed into a slim façade to cover your screen and leave it feeling as smooth as glass. You still get high touch sensitivity and HD clarity, with an anti-fingerprint coating. Your phone will stay free from daily scratches with 9H strength and will be shielded from scattering if it takes a hard fall. 

Each pack contains three protectors and the EZ installation tool.


As a Samsung SMAPP Partner, the UV Gen Film was developed with the coordination of Samsung to ensure optimal design and protection. Like the Dome Glass, it uses UV light for seamless coverage, however, it’s a single film rather than a liquid dispersed coating, which means the installation process is less intensive. It’s got four layers, including an anti-fingerprint coating on the top and a hard coating under the surface. With 4H strength, this is the hardest film on the market. The UV curing process reinforces the film to build strength and helps it to firmly attach to the screen. 

Each pack contains two protectors and tools to allow for easy, dust and bubble-free installation. 

Camera Ring Protector

Once you’ve got the front of your phone covered, don’t forget to give some love to the back. With multiple camera lenses, you want to make sure you’re protecting each without impacting image or video quality. The Whitestone Dome Glass premium camera protector is designed to perfectly fit your new S23. Made from durable materials like aluminum alloy metal and tempered glass, this product will protect your cameras from daily wear, including scratches, dust, scuffs, and fingerprints. You’ll get crystal clear images with no reflection when using flash, and its thin design stays secured to your phone and is compatible with protective cases. 

Premium Phone Cases

A strong and stylish case is the final piece to fully equip your phone against the elements. Whitestone Dome Glass has a few options to appeal to your aesthetic taste, but rest assured, all offer outstanding protection, support wireless charging, and pair perfectly with Whitestone Dome Glass screen protectors. 

As a Samsung SMAPP Partner, the Diamond Case is specifically designed to protect all corners of a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and allows for wireless charging. The diamond-patterned thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) bumper is anti-slip and shock-absorbing and has extra raised edges to further protect your screen.

The Crystal Clear Case is like your phone’s second skin. It’s slim, lightweight, and totally transparent to highlight the original color and design of the S23 Series phones. It’s made from polycarbonate and TPU, to resist stains and sweat. 

For a case that makes a statement, discover the Beads Case. It’s made from a soft, premium silicone material that supports wireless charging, and it comes in black, ivory, green and pink. The microfiber lining will also protect the surface of your phone from scratches while inside the case. 

When you get your hands on the phone of your dreams, you want to keep it looking as new as the day you bought it. Whitestone Dome Glass has everything you need to make that possible. 

Right now, when you buy a Dome Glass protector and case together for your new S23 series, you can get 10% off.


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