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[BUY ONE GET ONE FREE] Buy Galaxy Z fold 2 Dome Glass and get camera protector for FREE

This is OUR BEST DEAL for saving your money and protecting your AWESOME device perfectly 


Hi guys, here we are to bring OUR BEST DEAL for Galaxy Z fold 2
It's time to protect your nice device with nice promotion
Protect your device with original and best coverage at HERE ! 

Buy Galaxy Z fold 2 Dome Glass and

Get Galaxy Z fold 2 camera protector for FREE


[ Follow this easy instruction ] 


       CLICK the Galaxy Z Fold 2 on our online store, you can see the bundle promotion beside of the photos
 This it a bundle promotion :) 


Now CLICK the GREEN button says ADD BUNDLE SAVE $9.99 


It will automatically add these two products to your cart with saving $9.99 !


It's time to save your money and protector your awesome device 

> Protect your Galaxy Z fold 2 FRONT screen !

> The original technology "LOCA" - Liquid optically clear adhesive technology 

Whitestone Dome Glass is ready to protect your new device edge to edge with high touch sensitivity and clear view.

Get full protection with our patented "LOCA" technology. Liquid adhesive will cover your entire screen and UV curing will make the Dome Glass to fix firmly onto your screen.

keep your device scratch free with Dome Glass 

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