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Screen Protector You Should Buy For The Galaxy Z Fold 3

Now that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is out, or at least up for pre-order, you’re probably looking for some accessories to go along with it. And one that you are definitely looking for is, a screen protector. There are literally millions of screen protectors out there, but there is only one that is really worth buying for the Galaxy Z Fold 3.
The only screen protector worth buying for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the Whitestone Dome screen protector, and it’s pretty cheap at just $12. It’s a three-piece kit, which has a protector for the Cover Display, the Main Display and the back panel. While the back panel is not a display, it doesn’t have Gorilla Glass Victus, so it can still break fairly easily. And you’re going to want to get a screen protector for it.

Why is this the best screen protector?

You probably know Whitestone Dome from its incredibly screen protectors for the curved display smartphones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra. And those smartphones with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. But the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has neither of those features. What Whitestone Dome does here is it has a self-healing feature. Which will buffer “nearly all abrasions” and will also get rid of dents and scratches. This is going to keep your phone looking clean.
Typically, screen protectors do end up looking pretty nasty after a little bit. That’s from different scratches and such that the phone gets from being used. Which is why it’s a good idea to use a screen protector. But with Whitestone Dome, it’ll stay looking fresh like the day you put it on.
This will also protect the entire screen, instead of missing out on part of it. Now there is a cut out for the front-facing camera – which is now under-display. So you’ll still be able to use that without any issues. It’s able to cover the whole display because it is a Flexible EPU screen protector, fitting it from edge to edge.

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