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Dropping your smartphone can be an incredibly frustrating moment, with a cracked or damaged screen not only looking unsightly but potentially also making your phone unusable. The Whitestone Dome Glass, EZ Glass, and Camera Protectors are the innovative new affordable solutions designed to protect the all-new iPhone 13 when it hits the market this September.  
The Apple iPhone range is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, and the tech giant will be unveiling its latest device this September. These expensive devices are incredibly advanced, and every owner will want to ensure that their phone is protected from damage following an accidental drop.
This tempered glass screen protector will give your display a serious shield to avoid scratches and cracks. It boasts a 9H hardness that can withstand impacts and scratches while covering the display in crystal clear glass from edge to edge. 
Dome Glass uses a patented liquid glass with a special dispersion technique to evenly cover your whole display, including filling in small scratches and scuffs while adhering to the glass screen protector that goes on top.  Between the liquid dispersion technology, the included installation jig, and the UV curing process, the Dome Glass makes it easy to avoid getting any bubbles trapped underneath your screen protector. 
As a smooth real glass screen protector, it delivers a sleek, premium look and an immersive viewing experience. It is highly responsive, sensitive with clarity and transparency ensures fast responding performance, yet preventing daily scratches by your fingernails while you are scrolling on your phone.
Whitestone Dome Glass is designed and tested in California, while the products are patented in the US, EU, KR, JP, CN, and TW. The Whitestone Dome Glass solution utilizes patented liquid glass and an innovative dispersion technique that helps to guarantee complete and even coverage of the entire display. This helps to fill any small scratches or scuffs while fully adhering to the protector that goes on top.
While this can seem like a complex and challenging process, it can be carefully applied at home with enough time. To ensure that its customers are able to enjoy a perfect fit every time, Whitestone supply a complete installation kit, including a special jig to hold the phone in place. This helps to ensure an incredibly simple and precise fitment, ensuring the phone screen is fully protected. This user-friendly installation process is currently undergoing US patent, too.
Whitestone’s powerful screen protector is one of the most comprehensive on the market. Everyone who has installed a screen protector before will know the frustration of having small air bubbles form. The Dome Glass solution guarantees bubble-free installation thanks to the unique jig and UV curing light process.
The company has been specializing in providing premium tempered glass that has been specialized for curved displays since 2016. While the Dome Glass solution is the most robust on the market, Whitestone also offers a more cost-effective solution for clients in its EZ Glass solution.
This 2.5D tempered glass screen protector provides fantastic responsiveness and clarity and features the same easy to install and bubble-free solution as the Dome Glass protector. The incredibly thin protector is barely noticeable and feels as smooth and realistic as real glass.
To protect the expensive rear camera, Whitestone also provides customers with a metal camera protector, helping to ensure the lens remains free from scratches, dust, and signs of wear and tear.
To celebrate the release of the new screen protector and designed case line-up for iPhone 13, Whitestone is offering a unique 15% discount promotion for all customers for two weeks following the launch of the phone. Discount can be also applicable on the newly launching iPhone 13 cases
Daniel Ryu, CEO at Whitestone added, “The all-new iPhone 13 looks set to be one of the most exciting smartphones yet, and users will want to ensure that their phone will be protected from the moment they receive it.
Our team has worked hard to develop one of the most comprehensive and robust screen protectors on the market, helping to ensure that owners do not face the dreaded cracked or damaged screen should they accidentally drop it. We have also patented a unique installation technique to ensure that our customers can enjoy a completely smooth finish, free from those annoying bubbles.”

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