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Protecting your smartphone screen is important, and Whitestone has developed some amazing screen protectors, especially for foldable handsets.

If you're looking to buy the Samsung Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4, then you've undoubtedly thought about protecting your device's screen. Even more so, considering both phones contain hinged screens; how on earth do you go about protecting one of those?

Step in Whitestone, with its range of brand new screen protectors designed specifically for the hinged screens of the Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4.


Protect your Samsung smartphone your way

Whitestone's R&D department has been busy in the lead-up to the Samsung ZF4 launch, developing not one but four screen protectors for the Z Fold 4, and three protectors for the Z Flip 4. This gives you lots of choice in selecting the right screen for you.

The following models are available now from the Whitestone store, so you can buy yours now to ensure your screen is always in tip-top shape.

  • Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector (Liquid adhesive type) (two-pack with UV curing lamp)
  • Whitestone EZ Glass screen protector (Z Fold 4 two-pack with camera protector Z Flip 4 two pack)
  • Whitestone GEN Film (PET type) (Z Fold 4 one inner screen film Z Flip 4 one inner screen film, one outer display film)
  • Whitestone Premium Film (EPU type) (Z Fold 4 one inner screen film, one outer screen film Z Flip 4 one inner screen film, one outer display film, one upper device film, one lower device film)

So, no matter what screen protector you need for your Samsung Z Fold or Z Flip 4, Whitestone has you covered. Literally.


Those Whitestone ZF4 screen protectors in more detail

You're probably wondering what the difference is between these screen protectors. Let's take a look at each screen protector in a bit more detail, so you can decide which one best suits your needs. Note that you'll obviously need to apply the protector yourself, so it is best to set aside some time so you can prepare your handset properly before jumping in feet first and doing a shoddy application.

Whitestone Dome Glass

Whitestone's Dome glass screen protector uses patented liquid dispersion technology, so you apply liquid glass to your screen, which then hardens to form a barrier between your phone's actual screen and the outside world. This means you get full coverage over the entire screen. If you scratch your handset before applying a protective screen, the liquid glass will fill the scratch in, removing it in the process.

The Dome Glass screen protector also comes with an application frame and UV curing lamp, which means you can wave goodbye to air bubbles when you apply the protector. Be aware that applying this screen takes time and patience in order to get the results you expect, so don't think it is something you can do in ten minutes. Rush it, and you won't do a good job.

Whitestone EZ Glass

If you're not feeling confident that you could apply the Dome Glass protector without making a mess of it, then the EZ Glass is probably a better option for you. As the name might suggest, Whitestone has designed the EZ Glass screen protector to be easy to install. You'll just need to give your phone a good clean before application, and you'll have protected your Z Fold 4 display in no time.

Plus, the glass protector is so thin that it is still compatible with phone cases, meaning you're free to use any case to protect the rest of your ZF4. You get two screen protectors in a pack, so if you damage one, you've always got a back-up ready to swap out the one you damaged and keep your screen protected.

Whitestone GEN Film

If you're a little more confident about installation but still not keen on the idea of the Dome Glass, then GEN Film is another option available to you, and in different configurations depending on whether you buy the Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4, perhaps a little obviously. The GEN film protector is fingerprint resistant, which means you'll have to clean the screen less frequently. You also get a camera protector with the Z Fold 4 variation.

You get an installation jig with the protector, meaning you can place it on the screen, perfectly positioned to protect every pixel. With full coverage, you can easily negate any scrapes, dirt, or scratches that could otherwise damage your phone's screen.

Whitestone Premium Film

Like the EZ Glass, Whitestone's Premium Film screen protector is easy for you to install. It promises a bubble-free finish, so you won't even know it is there once applied. Much like the GEN Film, the EPU film has anti-fingerprint properties, so it isn't going to look grubby all the time. Again, full coverage is guaranteed, so you know your screen won't come to any harm.

One excellent feature is the self-healing properties of the EPU film. If you scratch it, Whitestone says the chemical technology means the screen's wounds will repair themselves, and minor scratches can disappear entirely. This obviously means your handset will retain its premium look for longer.


Keep your smartphone screen protected

It is important to keep your phone's screen in good nick. Not only from a cosmetic point of view but also from a financial one; a phone with a great screen cover means it'll still have a great screen if you ever came to sell the handset, so you'll get more money for it.

So, if you're looking forward to the delivery of a Samsung Z Fold 4 or Flip 4, then you should also think about ordering one of Whitestone's premium screen protectors, and give your phone's screen the best chance of surviving what life throws at it.


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