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The newest display technology for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Flip 3 - Dome Silk ultra-thin glass

If you’ve just set your sights on the new Galaxy foldable smartphones, you’ll want to make sure you can protect the folding displays at the heart of the experience. Whitestone’s new, first-of-its-kind Dome Silk (US Patent application in progress – No. 90/835,768) screen protector can help you do that.
Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 are offering some of the most premium and technologically advanced smartphone designs you can find on the market. But, their new screen technologies have left some concerns. You can protect the foldable displays with traditional, soft screen protectors, but putting a film onto those premium displays is like putting a plastic cover over an Italian leather sofa — it defeats the purpose. The new Whitestone Dome Silk screen protector is the first option available to use ultra-thin glass in a cover that can keep up with the flexibility of the displays on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. 


The Dome Silk protector is only 0.11mm thin, roughly the same thickness of a human hair (0.1mm). Despite being thinner than a sheet of A4 paper (0.12mm), the Dome Silk protector offers supple hardness while maintaining a high level of flexibility. That hardness comes from the ultra-thin glass layer on the very outside of the protector, which can flex with the fold of your phone while holding up against scratches.
By using ultra-thin glass on the outer layer, Whitestone is able to offer serious protection that exceeds what you’d get from a flexible polyurethane-style cover for your display. The Whitestone Dome Silk protector exceeds film protectors in hardness and the ability to resist scratching. The ultra-thin glass material on the outside guarantees that 9H hardness to prevent scratches and ensure your phone’s screen underneath is protected from those same threats. By extension, this means you won’t have to worry about tearing off or denting your screen protector no matter how hard you use your S-Pen. The glass is also perfectly transparent, so you’ll still be able to see the screen as well as ever, and an AF coating on the glass will make blemishes from fingerprints or makeup a breeze to remove. Between that and the thinness, you’ll hardly know you have a screen protector applied. 
Whitestone has tested the protector’s foldability over 50,000 times to ensure it can live up to day-to-day use. And, the extra hardness will come in handy when using the S Pen with your new phone. 
Of course, Whitestone doesn’t leave you to fend for yourself trying to put a flexible screen protector onto a foldable display. Whitestone’s installation kit includes a special jig for holding the phone in place and getting an exact alignment between the display and Dome Silk protector, making installation simple and precise. This installation method is in the process of getting a US Patent, too.


Whitestone will be offering an introductory promotion for the Dome Silk screen protectors of 20% off from August 11 to August 25 (though you’ll want to act fast as the promotion may end early with short notice), so you can put your order in while you’re waiting for your new foldable smartphone to show up. If you’re not on the market for a foldable yet, you can still enjoy Whitestone’s premium display protection with Whitestone Dome Glass, EZ Glass, and Film screen covers and camera protectors for a wide variety of smartphones.

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