Pixel 8 Pro Dome Glass is Available NOW ✈ International Shipping Available

Whitestone Dome Glass for Google Pixel 3/3XL will be released at Amazon in early December

Whitestone Dome Glass for Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL will be launching at the Amazon in next week!
Those of you who received the newsletter from our website, already know about this news, but we are going to announce it once again for the customers who would wait for our Dome Glass!
Additionally, we are really sorry for our Dome customers that Pixel 3/3XL launching date has been delayed.
we had a development problem, but now it will be available next week for sure!  (Around Dec. 6th) 
Please refer to the below images for differences between other screen protector and Dome Glass.
As you can see at the images, A glass is lifting from the screen by lack of adhesive, Dome Glass have the perfect protection with full coverage with LOCA technology.

Also, it is totally different from current generic OCA taping types of other brands.

-Perfect touch sensitivity, due to adhesive & UV curing method

-The maximum strength and scratch resistance rating of 9H, glass hardness

-Clear view area

-Ultimate protection edge to edge without any bubbles and gaps

Every area of the screen is protected because Dome Glass uses a liquid adhesive that lets the adhesive spread all areas of the screen including the edged parts on edged phones.

Due to the adhesive used, it provides superior contact and allows perfect screen functionality and comfort as well.

This is why people called Whitestone Dome Glass is the Best Option Screen Protector for keeping your phone safe for good.

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are very much iterative upgrades from Pixel 2/2XL.

The most polarizing part of these phones is their displays. The Pixel 3 XL looks like every other phone in 2018: not very original, and similar to an iPhone XS, it has a gigantic notch at the top of its display. Due to a bigger screen, viewable area, you need to keep them safe with the screen protector that can protect your screen fully by ultimate protection. 

The Pixel 2’s best feature is its camera, and Google hopes to make it even better on Pixel 3. The new Pixels still have a single rear-facing camera around back with the same as last year. Since Pixel 2 cameras are great,  so the Pixel 3 camera doesn’t need an overhaul. The new addition to the camera experience is that Google Lens will be running at all times. 


 Pixel deserved the best protection by all these updates from Pixel 2/2XL and Dome Glass can give the device the best protection 

Keep it scratch-free with the Dome Glass, for good! 



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