Pixel 8 Pro Dome Glass is Available NOW ✈ International Shipping Available

Whitestone Dome Glass is selected TOP 30 BRAND by Gobiz KOREA

Whitestone Dome Glass is verified as best products from Korea Government at Gobiz KOREA 

To celebrate this honor, we are planing to do GIVE AWAY

We will announce to you guys how to join our GIVE AWAY via Blog SOON ! 

Isn't it excited ? :-) 

We always thank you all of you who support us 


Whitestone Dome Glass is the ONLY way to protect your device PERFECTLY

Whitestone Dome Glass is ready to protect your new device edge to edge with high touch sensitivity and clear view.


> Protect your device edge to edge!
> Perfectly compatible with ultrasonic fingerprint technology
> The original technology "LOCA" - Liquid optically clear adhesive technology 
Get full protection with our patented "LOCA" technology. Liquid adhesive will cover your entire screen and UV curing will make the Dome Glass to fix firmly onto your screen. 


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