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Whitestone Dome is the Galaxy S10+ screen protector you want by Android Central

Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S10 / S10 plus provides protection and works with the fingerprint reader!

 Galaxy S10’s fingerprint reader limits your protection options. The problem with most screen protectors is that the gap between the display and screen protector blocks and distorts the sound waves, meaning the sensor won’t work. However, Whitestone Dome’s patented Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive solves this problem.

During the application process, you apply the liquid adhesive to your screen which then covers the front of your phone and leaves no gaps between the screen and protector.

 click to watch installation video and important points 

 Tips to make your screen protector work perfect on Galaxy S10:

  • Remember that S10 comes with a screen protector pre-installed which you have to remove before installing
  • Increase Touch Sensitivity
  • The final Curing stage should be done twice. So 1min Top, 1 min Bottom, then repeat…
  • Re-register your fingerprint after you finish installing.
  • Register the same finger twice including different angles

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