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Whitestone is already geared up to protect your new Samsung Galaxy S22

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 series has just hit the market, and the revamped designs are nothing short of dazzling. But, no matter how beautiful a phone is when you first get it, it faces some serious threats to its looks. The last thing you want for your new phone is a broken screen. Fortunately, Whitestone is already on the scene with its latest Dome Glass screen protectors for the Galaxy S22 series.
Whitestone's Dome Glass is a natural pairing for the Galaxy S22. A premium phone like this deserves a high-quality screen protector, and the Dome Glass is just that. With Dome Glass, you're getting a true, curved glass protector. So, once you've got it on your phone, you'll still get the premium feel of glass at your fingertips along with the excellent scratch resistance it offers.
Better still, Whitestone has ensured that applying the Dome Glass screen protector to your Galaxy S22 will be a cinch.
Many of Whitestone's screen protectors use a special application process that does the hard part for you — no more fussing to line things up perfectly by hand only to find out you've put the screen protector on at an angle and won't get solid adhesion that lasts. Whitestone provides a special installation jig, called the Ujig, recently updated for the Galaxy S22. The new Ujig comes pre-assembled, so it's ready to hold your phone in place for the installation right out of the box. All you've got to do is drop your phone into the jig, and it will hold your phone and line up the screen protector for an effortless installation process.
The system uses a special Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive (LOCA) to bind the Dome Glass with your phone's screen without bubbles. The Ujig helps ensure all of that adhesive stays on your phone screen without leaking. Once everything is lined up and pressed down, the adhesive is cured using a UV light, and then you're off to the races.
With the Dome Glass screen protector, you get to continue enjoying your phone's features while resting assured it is safe. The protector is as thin as a film at just 0.33mm, but it's made of 100% tempered glass. The protector is completely transparent with no need for a dot matrix to register touch and has curved edges to fully cover the display, so you'll see your screen as clear as ever, the elegant curves of the screen won't get spoiled, and the under-display fingerprint sensor will still work through the protector. The glass is also treated to prevent greasy fingerprints from ruining your view. And, since the protector is made out of tempered glass with a 9H hardness, it's incredibly resistant to scratching and impacts.
That's just the start of what Whitestone has to offer for your new phone. If you got one of the non-curved models, you can opt for the Whitestone's EZ Glass or Film screen protectors instead. Whitestone can also help protect the camera on your new phone with glass protectors for the rear camera bump.
If you're after even more all-around protection and accessories, Whitestone has introduced two cases for the Galaxy S22 series, letting you go for a chic matte or show off your phone's colors with a clear case. Your charging needs are also covered with Whitestone's 65W and 30W power adapters and USB-C cables.
To kick off the launch of the Galaxy S22 and help you get geared up for your new phone, Whitestone is offering 15% off on its site during the Galaxy S22 pre-order period. So, head on over and get your phone's protection ready so it can be secured from day one.
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