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Whitestone "LOCA Technology" officially patented by USA

Whitestone Dome Glass 


Tempered glass screen protector


> As the saying goes: "An Invention is not your own until it is Patented."


It is with great pride and joy that we announce our DOME GLASS line of tempered glass screen protectors is now officially Patented in the US!


It was a long process, but it is finally official :)

As such, we want to share this great news with our loving customers and please note, DOME GLASS is the ONLY ONE original for tempered glass screen protector that are using adhesive and UV curing process installation. 


We are constantly working hard to improve all aspects of product and business and we value each and every customer's experience. 


Thank you everyone for your business and patience and please continue to let us know how we can improve our products and our services! 

Contact us if you have any questions. 

< feedback@whitestonedome.com >

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