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Galaxy Tab S5e HODOO CLEAR Glass

Galaxy Tab S5e HODOO CLEAR Glass

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Premium Glass Screen Protection for your Galaxy Tab S5e

"HODOO GLASS" is a premium, chemically-strengthened glass with advanced anti-fingerprint performance and excellent clarity that protects the LCD screen from scratches and smears.

LCD Screen Protection Features:

  • High resolution and enhanced optical clarity
  • Simple yet firm installation and easy separation
  • The coating prevents fingerprint and makes it easy to clean
  • Does not affect touch screen sensitivity
  • High Surface hardness prevents scratches

Chemically-Strengthened Glass:

  • Good Surface Hardness: > 9H
  • Anti-Fingerprint Processed Chemically Strengthened Glass
  • Thin Processed Glass: .033mm
  • Anti Shattering Glass (Safety)
  • High resistance to Heat, Shock, & Chemicals


*Not covered by Whitestone Dome Glass Limited Lifetime Warranty Program