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How to Install

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*Cautions for Note 9 Dome Glass installation*

1. Before placing the phone, please make sure to peel off the liner surrounding the phone.

2. Please press all 4 points of the corner to make sure the fitting in the tray.


*Cautions for Apple Watch Dome Glass installation*

Remove the level bar immediately as soon as adhesive touches the tempered glass white pressing the tray


Installation Videos

Learn how to put on Whitestone screen protector.

Apple Watch 4 installation video

Pixel 3 & 3XL installation video(Slide Type)

iPhone XS/XS Max/XR installation video (Slide Type)

Whitestone Dome Glass Installation Guide (Seesaw Type)
Devices of Seesaw type installation : Note8/9, S8/8+, S9/9+, iPhone 8/8+, X, Pixel 2/2XL, VIVO, OPPO

Whitestone Dome Glass Rework Process (Reinstallation)

LG G7 Dome Glass installation video (Align bar type)

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